Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just the facts, ma'am.

Currently Henry is 13 months old. I actually detest the fact that I am still using months as an age indicator since he’s turned one, but apparently this is Very Important in the mothering world. Since I haven’t updated in awhile (I’m slowly getting back on the blogging horse so to speak after a short break) I thought I’d just start out with some stats.

Weight at 1 year check up: 23 lbs

Height at 1 year check up: 29 inches

Teeth: Two at the bottom, two at the top. There are currently 3 teeth making their way through though which has caused us to buy stock in baby ibuprofen and Calpol.

Walking: Not yet, but he’s getting closer. He walks fine with a baby walker and while holding just one of our hands but he still isn’t brave enough to do it by himself.

Favorite Foods: Yogurt, any type of fruit but the favorites are blueberries, strawberries and bananas, any type of meat or fish (I’ve fed him lamb liver once which he was quite happy about), crackers, Cheerios, spaghetti, and crisps. Yes, crisps. Thank you Andy.

Most Hated Foods: Vegetables. I’ve had to hide vegetables in his food since he was 10 months old.

Words: Mama, Dada, hi, bye, apple, good and “all gone”. Today he also started calling his little plastic sheep ‘baa’. I kept saying, “This is a sheep. A sheep. Sheeeeeep. The sheep goes ‘baa’.” He’d reply, “baa!”

Sleeping: If he isn’t teething or doesn’t have a cold, he will sleep from 7 PM (ish) to 6:30 AM (ish). Most days he has a nice two hour nap in his cot starting at 10 AM. Typically though, he’s teething or has a cold.

Favorite Toys: Anything with wheels is a big hit. He’s also partial to the Little People Farmhouse that I picked up at a charity shop last month.

Favorite Not Toys: Daddy’s phones, the TV remotes, the cable box (he pushes the on\off button to the point that I think it will fall off soon), the trash bin, the cat’s food bowl, the pile of PSP games stored in a drawer, and our shoes.

Funny but Annoying Game: Henry likes to take the refrigerator magnets off the fridge and will slide them UNDER the fridge so to get them is risking sticking your hand where you don’t think hands should ever be.

Best Mommy Moments: It might be the constant teething or all the colds, but Henry is becoming very cuddly this past month. He will hug me properly then hold on tightly with both his little hands on my shoulders if he doesn’t think the hug should end quite yet. He also gives the best kisses – granted they are open mouthed which is a bit weird.

Worst Mommy Moments: The boy hates diaper changes. He screams bloody murder every time I change him. This is fine if it’s just a diaper of pee. When it’s a shit storm in there, sometimes it takes two people to get him cleaned off and to stop him from flinging both his hands and feet into the poo. Henry seemingly has no issue what-so-ever in sitting in shit for however long it takes us to realize that he needs changing. I truly believe that he would happily wear the same diaper all day long – only willing to get naked if there is a bath promised (which he loves).

And now…this month’s pictures:

 Just waking up from a nap

Like I said, ANYTHING with wheels

The boy loves 'In the Night Garden'

I should also mention that he loves crawling around in pubs.

He even knows where the Gents is.

Giving Grandpa a hug.

Pinwheels are good for hitting Daddy over the head with.