Saturday, September 1, 2012

Month End Photos

So I typically send out a monthly email to the grandparents and some other people who swear they enjoy Henry updates and I include a link to a Picasa web album that has the photos for the month.  Now, because I get excited about sharing the photos, I tend to send out the link at the beginning of the month with a mention that these people check the same link throughout the month to see the latest photos.   Except for Henry's English Nana, I don't actually think anyone else checks the web album again.   I don't blame them really, I'd probably forget too.  All that really means is that a lot of people are missing the great end of the month pictures.    Well no longer I say!  

Here's some of my end of the month favorites:

Like all kids, Henry loves bubbles.  He can't say "bubbles", only "bub", but he can say "pop".  He is saying "bub" in this photo by the way.

"I went to the 'In the Night Garden' live show and all I got was this lousy t-shirt...and an activity book, and a hand puppet...and a light up toy...and a...well, you get the picture."

I will enjoy telling Henry when he was older that we spent an entire afternoon hanging out on Penny Lane and all he was interested in was moving rocks around.

A-ha!  An indoor activity he actually enjoys...stickers!

Last picture of the month, taken yesterday after our picnic in Calderstone's Park.

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