Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cool Guy

So when my sister was in town we ended up going to Tesco.  While Maggie was fawning over a F&F squirrel shirt, Henry and I were messing around with the kid's sunglasses.   We found these and I decided to get them.  Now whenever I put them on Henry, I smile at him and say, "Hey Cool Guy."

For a person who has no idea who Steve McQueen is, I think he's got the look down already.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Messy Learning - Take 1

So you've probably heard that the UK has been getting a lot of rain this summer. All this rain has posed a great challenge to those who have to entertain toddlers all day long. Or one toddler, who can seem like 10 toddlers when he's on a whiny bender. When it's sunny, we can go for walks and go to the park or take a bus into town to hang out at the mall (Henry totally LOVES the mall)(seriously)(we're still hoping for grandchildren one day) or whatever. When it rains...well, you have to get creative. I am actually a somewhat creative person, though not when it comes to entertaining toddlers. With that, I usually draw a blank and just say "fuck it, we're going to the indoor play center...AGAIN."

With a lack of ideas in my head when it's pouring outside and Henry is looking at me with those big gorgeous eyes he's inherited from me, I turn to the internet for inspiration. Most of the ideas I've stolen from the internet have been a big fat bomb. The ones I have tried Henry just wasn't into. I keep trying though, certainly there will be something that will entertain my child.

Today, as the rain clouds gathered outside, I decided to try Messy Learning using shaving cream and finger paint from (great site). It was easy enough to put together. Three bowls - three different colors of finger paint - add shaving cream - mix until frothy. Let kid stick hands in and squeal in delight and wonder.

Unless, of course, you have my kid. My kid will stick his one finger in tentatively, try to eat it, get gently told 'no, don't eat it', stick his hand in, squish it around, realize he hates the feel of a bunch of shaving cream on his hands and will start screaming. No amount of "here, watch Mommy do it!" or "it's fun! it's fun!" will stop the screaming. The only thing that stopped Henry screaming was cleaning him off.

To be fair to Henry, he hated the feel of grass on his feet up until he was a year old so I guess we'll just have to give messy learning some time. OR, perhaps he's inherited my "messes make me nervous" policy as well as those big gorgeous eyes.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear Auntie Maggie...

"I have not stopped walking through the clothesline since you left. I will continue to run through the clothesline until you return."

Love, Henry

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I do exist!

Of all the pictures I have of Henry, there are only a hand full that I am actually in.   Like most moms, I control the camera.  Also, like many people with a weight problem I'm very picky on pictures that are taken of me.   I realize there is only so much one can do to only capture a single chin on my face.  If you are to take a photograph of me, under no circumstances are you to take a profile shot....or a shot of my ass...or one of me eating anything EVER.   With all these rules it makes perfect sense that most people just avoid taking photographs of me.  I honestly don't mind.   However I realize that Henry probably will want pictures that have me in them, no matter what I look like.   I mean, I have pictures with my mom with a 1980's gymnastic perm and besides a bit of a giggle about the perm, it's just a picture of my mom that I'm glad I have.

So double chins and big asses and the fact that I'm convinced I've developed rosacea over the last 5 years be damned, I've relented to some of the following photographs.
 This one makes me concerned because my roots are showing.  Great angle for chins though.

You know, Henry could have had the decency to smile instead of being obsessed with the sand.

Chin hiding.  Henry is obviously not happy about that.

Perhaps Henry just doesn't like being in the same picture with me.


Yes, I'm red.  I'm very red.  See?  I have Rosacea...or I'm just really warm and sun burnt.  But hey!  At least Henry doesn't look grumpy.