Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weird Milestones #37

This weekend Henry learned not only how to blow his nose but also how to blow raspberries on his hand.   I couldn't be more proud as I'm already thinking of all the happy times we will have making farting noises with our body parts.  The blowing his nose thing will be sort of useful too I guess.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The light! The light!

Because we are so far north here in the UK, our daylight hours are extremely different season to season.  In the winter time the sun only comes up between 9 AM and 3 PM.  On the flip-side of that, in the summer, it is bright out (when it isn't fucking raining!!) between 4 AM and 11 PM.  

While Henry is typically really good at having a nap during the day whether the sun is shining or not, at night he likes it dark.  Of course this has resulted in later bedtimes since summer hit (which means later drinking times for his parents.   Boo).  He is tired no matter what the sun is trying to say so sometimes he sleeps like this:

Yes, Social Services, I did verify he could still breathe.

Seeing him like this gives me a bit of a glimpse of what his teenage years are going to be like.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A bit of a change

I have been meaning to write more here but just never seem to get around to it.  There are so many little things that come up that aren't full post worthy but are fun and deserve a mention.   If you all don't mind, I think I'm going to change the format of this blog to more a 'status update' than full on essay type posts.  I'm sure I'll get wordy here and there but most of the time it's going to be sweet and simple.  At least you'll get more of a reason to check in here anyway.

With that said, here's a quick collage of Henry loitering over at Liverpool One (the outdoor shopping mall in the center of town).   Henry is pretty good being pushing around in the stroller while I go in and out of all the shops as long as I take him out of the stroller at the end to play.   These stairs were actually quite tall (compared to normal steps) and I admit I huffed a bit every time he got too far up and I had to bring him back down.

The day after this was taken, Henry woke up with a rash all over his body.  We took him to the doctors and he is fine, just a common viral infection called roseola.   Our outing didn't cause the infection - in fact the rash indicates that he had the infection for days and this is just the last bit of it - but I'm glad I got these shots before the little man was covered in spots.   You can't expect to become a baby GQ model covered in spots after all.